Living a more Eco Friendly life style didn’t just happen overnight. As the years passed, our needs continually changed. We began to notice how many things that we felt we use to need were no longer necessary and many of the things we purchased new could be found forgotten by someone else, ready to be Recycled and Reused at a much Lower Cost.


Our desire to become Green sprouted as we continued to observe the cost of our current lives under the microscope (so to speak). We became aware of how much of our current home we really “lived in”, as well as, the cost to maintain such a large amount of wasted space. With our combined experience in Accounting, Retail, Marketing, Engineering and IT, we put our abilities to work and built our own “Tiny House”. With a modest budget (less than the cost of 1 year’s interest on our old home), a little research and some elbow grease, we were able to build our new home and utilize all of Mother Nature’s elements (Sun, Wind, Water and Earth) to live completely Off Grid.


We also realized there was a market for Refurbished or Re-purposed Vintage items and Green, Eco Friendly Living. Not only could we save ourselves money, we could pass those savings along to others and turn a little profit for ourselves. ReddsOasis was born. Our website is dedicated to selling Low Cost, Vintage, Re purposed Art and items at an affordable price with always Free Shipping.


Stay Tuned for our next adventure!! Coming soon!! ReddsOasis presents “Dry Docked”. Now that ourTiny House is built, we plan on moving it to our 4 acre property and build several Eco Friendly rental Cabins available for a Relaxing Retreat for our Gulf Coast Guests